Робота для Augmented Reality Developer у Львові: TOP5 вакансій

Дізнайтесь більше про нові кар'єрні можливості в EchoUA. Цікаві проекти, ринкова оплата, гарний колектив. Надсилайте резюме та приєднуйтеся до нас.

1. Software Engineer

Sebale (Львів)

 ...Interested in Augmented Reality? Do you want to be part of a team that is changing the way the world interacts with mobile devices? We are pioneering the next wave of technology - reimagining the way the world interacts with technology today. Our mission is to bring the... 

2. 2d Graphic Designer (Games)

augbrite.com (Львів)

 ...salary; - Full-time employment; - Flexible work schedule; - Remote work. Про компанію augbrite.com While Augmented Reality is on the the hottest technology directions for today. Augbrite demonstrates brilliant ideas and strides how to use this top-... 

3. C++/CLI Software Engineer

Amcbridge (Львів)

PROJECT DESCRIPTION:   Development of an augmented reality application for a head-mounted device from scratch that allows users to view and manipulate 3D objects, collaborate on projects, and use other 3D features.  MINIMUM EXPERIENCE:   3+ years of experience in... 

4. Research Data Scientist

N-iX (Львів)

 ...pragmatism to projects, blending theory and expertise in the latest technologies with a deep understanding and experience of the realities of our specialist sectors. Across retail, manufacturing, logistics and beyond, they have a reputation for effective delivery and great... 

5. Graphic data specialist

ViSoft (Львів)

 ...program allows you to design the bathroom in just a couple of minutes, open this design in 3D picture, and even view it in virtual reality. Companies of all sizes use ViSoft products to plan, visualize and sell tiles and sanitary ware. We cooperate with more than 500 manufacturers... 

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